At White Lighthouse Investment Management we work with clients from many different countries and backgrounds, especially in our home countries of the United States and Switzerland. If you happen to be an American living in Switzerland, a Swiss living in the United States or close family member in one of these situations, White Lighthouse is well positioned to help with your cross border investment management and financial planning needs.

Americans Living in Switzerland


At White Lighthouse Investment Management American Citizens will find the highest level of service, ethics and professionalism in dealing with their investment management and financial planning needs. Our founder, Mr. Lachowitz, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) professional in the United States and Switzerland as well as a citizen of both countries. His breadth of expertise in cross border issues between the United States and Switzerland enables clients to benefit with practical solutions to simple and complex challenges.  Mr. Lachowitz is a Board Member of American Citizens Abroad and a former Board member of the Swiss Financial Planning Organization and he keeps his expertise current with many presentations and publications in the US and Swiss press including regular articles in the Wall Street Journal. We encourage you to compare our service, price and overall expertise to any firm serving Americans in Switzerland. Here is a list of points to consider when comparing our services to other advisers:

  • Fee-only means we are paid only by our clients and are never paid from any other source.

  • Custody is available in the US and Switzerland; especially useful for mixed US and non US families.* 

  • SEC Registered Investment Advisors** (RIA) with US and Swiss offices

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of US and Swiss Financial Systems

  • Stellar Education and Practical Experience

  • US based investment accounts include: brokerage accounts, IRAs (retirement, including SEP, Roth, Inherited and Traditional IRAs, 529 accounts (for kids education in the US and overseas), Custodial Accounts (for children), US checking and debit cards available at no additional cost, Trust and Corporate accounts at highly regarded US Custodians. 

  • We have always encouraged US tax compliant solutions for clients and have no legacy compliance issues, staff are always required to uphold the highest ethical standards and we expect the same from our clients.

  • Asset allocation in client portfolios is individualized, each client's needs are different. Clients can expect: low frequency trading, low overall costs, tax efficiency with respect to the US and Switzerland, highly liquid exchange-traded securities and advice that integrates their financial goals with their investments and the disclosure of any conflicts of interest.

  • Integrated Strategy for Swiss employees and retirees combining Swiss 2nd Pillar planning with US based investments and US and Swiss Social Security.

See more practical tips in our articles and presentation pages and contact us for an initial consultation.

Swiss Living in the United States


At White Lighthouse Investment Management we are well qualified to serve overseas Swiss citizens, especially if they live or are planning to live in the United States. If you are considering a move to the United States there are a lot of pre-immigration planning points that can potentially save you lots of time, aggravation and money. For more information read our article Tips for Swiss Expatriates in the United States– May 2011 and contact us for an initial consultation. 

Once living in the US, we can help you address your personal financial planning and investment management needs; helping to keep you compliant in both countries and on track to meet your financial and retirement goals regardless of where you plan to live in the future. We can also introduce you to a choice of several tax and/or legal specialists who understand the complexities of the US and Swiss systems.

*White Lighthouse Investment Management does not take custody of client accounts we only have a limited power of authorization on client accounts.; we work only with reputable custodians in the US and Switzerland. US custody is considerably less expensive than most solutions in Switzerland for a relatively equivalent service.

**SEC Registration is a relatively simple process much of which can be outsourced and does not imply that a firm has any particular expertise in working with Americans, regardless of where they live or the US regulatory and tax environment. We encourage all clients and prospective clients to screen their advisers carefully. At a minimum this should include reading of the SEC required forms ADV Parts 1, 2a and 2b, talking to references and a background search. [See Slides 4-8 of our presentation "Financial Planning for Americans in Switzerland - American Women's Club Zurich 2014" ] for a suggested list of questions when screening an adviser. There is a big difference between "working with Americans in Switzerland" and serving them with quality and ethics.