At White Lighthouse we are specialists in delivering Investment Management and cross border Financial Planning services in addition to being well qualified in our home countries. We serve international clients and global families including overseas Americans, non-Americans living in the United States and clients who require a global perspective. We work with custodians in the United States and Switzerland and have an extensive network of highly qualified international specialists who can provide related tax, legal and estate planning services.  We write extensively in easy to read language and encourage you to read our articles and browse our presentations. Please contact us to learn more about our services, find our latest fees, and service level descriptions.


Investment Portfolio Management includes comprehensive risk profiling and a personal financial discovery process. We work closely with each client in the production of a personalized investment strategy and as required the production of an Investment Policy Statement. Each trading decision is aligned with our clients' best interests. At White Lighthouse Investment Management we are fee-only advisers and will never make any income on trading activity or from the investments chosen. Our preferred investment choices are exchange traded index funds and individual stocks and bonds.

For US Citizen Clients in both the United States and overseas we understand the tax complexities in your investment portfolio and opportunities to optimize your decision making. We incorporate this expertise into security selection (including what to avoid) decisions, account selection (taxable, tax-deferred and tax free), tax loss harvesting as well as gift and estate planning considerations.


Retirement Planning: Preparation of a complete retirement plan or ongoing services in conjunction with  your portfolio management; we help to answer your individual questions: - How much do we need to retire? - How far away are we from meeting our financial goals? Will we have enough money for retirement? What assumptions should we make about taxes, rates of return and life expectancy? How should we invest our retirement assets? How can we plan when we have to deal with multiple countries, currencies and tax regimes?

Estate Planning: A comprehensive process to help you organize your estate planning and to identify critical gaps. Covers all critical information, documents and people and prepares you to meet with an estate planning attorney.

Personal Financial Planning: We provide customized personal and small business financial planning. Depending on the service level this may include: budgeting and cash flow analysis, life insurance needs analysis, real estate transactions and financing, education funding including 529 plans, cross border moves, inbound and outbound tax planning, Health Insurance and Health Savings Accounts, Foreign currency exchange, tax and banking questions, credit monitoring and credit scores, employee benefits and more.

Tax Planning: US federal income tax rates are currently as high as 43.4%, top effective income taxes are above 30% for many residents of most Swiss Cantons, and income tax rates are even higher in most of Europe. For international families and especially overseas Americans there often exists the possibility of double taxation not just with respect to income taxes but also with respect to wealth, estate, gift and social security taxes so careful consideration to tax implications must be given to all aspects of investment management, retirement, estate and insurance planning. With our expertise in US cross border taxation, US double taxation agreements and Totalization agreements, we assist our clients with the development and implementation of tax optimization strategies that help them grow their investments, preserve and protect their legacy and legally keep a larger share of their wealth.

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