The following links include some of the many presentations we have made to the public in addressing a variety of investment and financial planning subjects. The content is for your personal use only and may be passed on to other individuals. The content of these presentations can not be used for presentation purposes without the written consent of Jonathan Lachowitz of White Lighthouse Investment Management. The content of these presentations does not constitute advice since each persons situation is different and what may be a good idea for one person may be counter productive for another.

  1. ACA Zurich & Basel Town Halls - September 2017
  2. ACA Geneva Town Hall - May 2017
  3. ACA Zurich Town Hall - September 2016
  4. ACA Geneva Town Hall - May 2016
  5. ACA Geneva Town Hall Meeting – Financial Topics for Americans in Switzerland – May, 2015
  6. Financial Planning for Americans in Switzerland - American Women's Club Zurich 2014
  7. ACA Geneva - J Lachowitz May 2014
  8. FATCA Implications for Switzerland - Swiss Financial Planners Day Zurich 2014
  9. Financial Planning for Overseas Americans - ACA Zurich Town Hall 2014
  10. Tips on Choosing a Financial Adviser
  11. Choosing an International US Tax Return Preparer
  12. Reforming Tax Policy – 2011 Overseas American’s week Washington D.C.
  13. Financial Planning Class 1. – What’s Your Number (As presented at IMD)
  14. Financial Planning Class 2. – Charting Your Course (As presented at IMD)